Thursday, May 7, 2015

National Pride or National Worship


I enjoyed reading your response. It was your honest thoughts. I would rather have an honest response that objects to my personal beliefs than one formulated to comply or coexist in order to make discussion more “pleasant”.

I mentioned in my initial post that I had mixed feelings about this scenario and I will elaborate on it; however, I think I will take a play in your book and say this is about the act of stomping on a flag in protest and not this particular situation.

My initial thought was “That’s stupid.” This may be because I don’t understand how stepping on a flag can create any change for the protesters other than piss off a lot of “patriots”. I also felt slightly guilty because being a veteran I think that I should have more of an emotional attachment to the flag. If I am going to be honest, it doesn’t bother me. I see people stomping on some cloth. I understand that this particular piece of cloth is a symbol but when it comes down to it. It’s still just a bit of cloth.

Coincidently enough, today at work I had overheard a couple of individuals discussing this situation and the cartoonist you mentioned earlier. Person A was of the belief that this was a huge double standard as you have previously stated. (You used the word “ironic” and maybe you didn’t want to be abrasive but I find the word “hypocritical” more appropriate.)  Person B on the other hand stated that he simply didn’t care about freedom of speech and if he saw someone stepping on the flag he’d shoot them. I found this interesting because I had read your response maybe less than an hour or two prior.

Now, I also want to touch on what you said about the nationalistic pride that resembles religious zeal. “There seems to be some form of a religious obsession with nationalistic symbols, which is kind of disturbing.” I would like to take second to applaud this astute observation. I had never noticed the almost cultic worship to the Red, White & Blue. I had always just labeled it as National Pride and nothing more. So when does pride end and worship begin? What does it really mean to be proud to be American? It’s a difficult question when you start to analyze it. It’s just something to chew on until next time.

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