Monday, June 8, 2015

Is the Book better?

Hey Buddy,

This post isn't about anything important. I just felt like touching base with you. It's been awhile since our last post. As you may know I am a rather large "Game of Thrones" fan. (I mean, I named my daughter Arya) I don't know how much of the show you have watched and how much of "The Song of Ice and Fire" you read if any. I promise zero spoilers.

The HBO storyline and the George R. R. Storyline have some pretty significant discrepancies. As I have watched myself I have become a little torn because some of the differences I like (e.g. Sansa storyline) while others I think were lazy ways to progress the story and much less interesting. (e.g. Gaps in Tyrion's timeline as well as the Dorne Storyline) Now the question I pose to you is this.

Do the screenwriters for film and television owe it to the author and his readers to remain "authentic" to the original story or does artistic license mean that the fans should see this work as an
"Ode to"?

As you think about this I would like to bring up the recent trilogy of "The Hobbit". Now, my personal edition of "The Hobbit" is only 276 pages long and not quite long enough to make 3 very long films with. That being said, I absolutely loved both the novel and the trilogy. I found it fun and fresh adding more scenes and bringing back characters from LOTR that weren't in Tolkien's original Hobbit novel. If you haven't realized it yet. I try to enjoy both mediums for what they are. Although, sometimes I find myself not being able to enjoy one over the other.

I know this isn't an in-depth or "Hot Topic" discussion but I felt it was time to break the silence...And I love books.

Stay Gold,

P.S. Axis of Awesome made a hilarious video that is "sort of" about this topic.

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